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" Completely forgot to tell you this yesterday but had a great time with you at your place. You were really sweet with how you handled everything. I wll be in and out of Moscow for the next month, hope to see you again. "

Moscow, 19th June 2018

" Mistress Karolina is an amazing dominatrix. First she is really beautiful just like in her pics and her English is excellent. She was really warm and inviting – we had a drink and discussed what I’d like in the session. Karolina really listened to my fantasies then roleplayed them perfectly. Mistress was my boss who had to reprimand and discipline me. I was spanked, whipped and humiliated and all the time she pushed me to suffer more for her (which was so thrilling) whilst also respecting my limits. Then I was made to worship her amazing body all over which was heavenly, and having her to sit on my face was to die for ! Without doubt the best dominatrix experience I’ve had and can’t wait to see her again. After the session we sat and chatted over coffee for a while. Karolina is not only a great dominatrix but she is really intelligent and cultured and lovely to converse with. She is a real Russian beauty. A totally wonderful experience ! "

London, 21st of February 2017

" Mistress Karolina looks amazing in her photos but believe me the real thing is simply stunning. She has legs and ass to die for and amazing lips and silky hair. I stood there speechless when she took me into her place. We started the session with her telling me I would be her bitch which was a new one for me. Then she forced me into stockings and suspenders. After the dressing came the rough stuff as she slapped me around and spat on me and whipped me on my cock and balls. She also crushed and pinched my nipples so hard that I thought she was going to tear them off. Then she took me into the bedroom and broke me in on her strap on. This was new for me and she started off gently and gradually increased the size and pace until I was gasping for her to stop. Of course she kept going as she has the looks of a goddess but can be as cruel as she likes. No mercy for you she said. Finally we finished off with some waterspots and believe me she has so much that she could have drowned me. All in all mistress you can tell mistress loves what she does. Probably one of the best sessions I’ve ever had. And I am a very experienced submissive. "

London, 19th of February 2017

" Hi Mistress! Thx for yesterday, I was stunned by your beauty from the moment I saw you, aroused by your figure and at ur mercy from the moment I stepped indide. U have a stunning body which u allowed me to worship under your strict direction and cruel mind which led to u whipping my balls a couple of times. It was impossible to be nothingbut hard and excited the whole way though, even now I am hard thinking about u and last night. Mistress I can’t wait to b dominated by u again. "

London, 16th of February 2017
Ur slave Kevin

" Before I left New York, I spent an evening searching all the London sites, to find a mistress who could excite and fulfill me. The moment I saw Mistress Karolina’s site I had that feeling, the one I normally have when I feel I found the right Mistress. As son as I got to London, I went shopping for some toys and clothes. I bought a beautiful sexy blond wig. As soon as I put it on, I felt like a cheer leader. I bought myself several smart outfits and then went to Soho to a great little shop I have been to before where I bought anal toys, plugs and dildos. By the time I got back to the hotel, I felt I couldn’t wait for three more hours until she arrived. But I did! I dressed in my beautiful wig and a very sexy outfit that looked like I was either a cheap prostitute or a reality tv star. I opened the door and before me was a woman who I can only describe as a goddess. Her perfect hair and make up combined with a perfect black coat gave an impression of power and sensuality that conquered me. As I looked into her eyes I felt as she had an x-ray vision into my wants and needs. Her perfect face filled me with both warmth and fear. She took off her coat revealing an outfit so sexy I wanted to be fucked by her right away. She instantly took charge. Within seconds she had put on the strapon and directed me to give her a glass of wine. As she was sipping her wine, she ordered me on my knees and told me to start licking her cock and not to stop until she told me. When I didn’t lick well enough, she whipped me with a riding crop, in a way that made me feel both cared for and disciplined. She understood how much this made me excited and she told me that I was her bad little whore and she needed to spank me, which she then did. She instinctively understood my threshold pain and how to quench my need for pleasure. She put me in a doggy position and fucked me as I have never been fucked before. The whole time she kept me at the perfect point of pain and pleasure that made me feel that she read my mind as to exactly what I needed. Mistress Karolina gave me an experience which I will never forget. I don’t usually write reviews but I felt that I had to, as this was one of the most exciting experiences of my life . "

London, 6th of February 2017
Your sissy Stuart

" I feel I must write a review about the session I have just had with the wonderful Mistress Karolina. I visited her at her lovely flat in London which is in a very desirable area. She welcomed me in and she looked a million dollars. Absolutely beautiful Lady with immaculate hair, make up and nails and dressed in beautiful lingerie and high heels. She speaks perfect English and was extremely friendly and welcoming. After chatting for a few minutes about my likes and dislikes she ordered me to strip so she could inspect my cock. I was then ordered onto my knees and told to worship her beautiful feet and legs while she sat there drinking champagne.As she gradually removed her clothes and I was allowed to lick more of her exquisite body she regularly made me stop so she could spank and cane me. I was allowed to lick whipped cream from her body and then was granted the honour of licking her Ass, at this point I was in absolute heaven. We moved into the bedroom where I was treated to the pleasure of her sitting on my face and I savoured the wonderful smell and taste of this exquisite Woman. Then we moved to the bathroom where she drenched me in her beautiful golden shower while I wanked my self off. I swear I could have stayed there forever!!! It was a lovely unhurried session and Mistress didn't watch the clock and all the way through there was lovely intelligent conversation. This Woman was put on the earth to be worshipped and I can't wait to see her again. I would highly recommend her to any one who wants to worship at the altar of Feminine perfection "

London, 10th of February 2017
Your slave David

" I met Mistress Karolina in a hotel in London during her last stay. The first thing I noticed about her was the friendly and stern stare of her eyes, she was dressed sharply but conservatively. We met in a hotel bar and chatted over glass of wine. She stared into my eyes and explained that she was there to fulfill the things that we talked about in the email, and she commanded we go upstairs that we would privately confirm my limits and she could take full control of the situation. Leaving the bar she was completely discreet and acted as she was a business associate or probably my wife. And I was very proud to be seen leaving the bar with her. We went to the room and she clearly confirmed the limits that we talked about in the email. My deepest fantasies go back to my catholic schooling. Mistress Karolina became Sister Karolina, she told me that my exam results were terrible and she need to punish me for them. She told me to band over the desk and spanked with the paddle 12 times. Seeing that my cock was erect, she took it into hand and started to masturbate very hard and at the same time took school cane into hand and started to cane my ass. And I came as I never cum before. My excitement was as I never felt before. Mistress Karolina kissed me on the head and I saw in her yeas both kindness sternness and love. And she said to me that it is absolutely OK who I am. She is a great person, a beautiful woman and an understanding dominatrix. I can't wait to see her again."

London, January 2017
published on MaxFishDominaGuide

" When I saw on her web-site that Mistress Karolina was coming to my city I knew that I had to meet her as I need to submit to such a gorgeous strict mistress. I had seen Mistress Karolina’s beautiful pictures on her web-site, but I didn’t know if the reality would come close to the pictures. Mistress was very kind on the phone when taking the appointment. While waiting for her, I felt very anxious as I was worried if she will really be as beautiful as her pics, what will happen with me at our session etc. . I need to remark that her photos are accurate and in person she looks even more beautiful. A stunning, fit lady. She's into her training and it shows! We met at the hotel and I asked her to be discreet, so she followed my request and was dressed stylishly and elegantly and before our session she changed into a short leather dress. When I opened the door and saw her face, I was immediately amazed by her eyes and smile. Her eyes looked right inside of me and I knew she would control me like never before. Mistress Karolina is a super nice person who is like a friend you can talk to and feel comfortable with. She laughs, she's sweet… and then when the session starts, there's a unique dynamic where you feel her power and presence, but don't feel like she hates you. Before the session we also discussed my and her experinces, "likes and dontlikes". My own little kink is for school room style, she agreed to be my teacher of Russian who seduces her student. Mistress Karolina with both elegance and grace assumed the role of my strict Russian teacher. She explained with a glint in her eye that I needed to be punished so that I would learn how to please her correctly. She started by allowing me to kiss her sexy, elegant high heels, moving upwards to her undescribebly shapely legs. I loved smelling and feeling the perfume of her feet, loved the taste on my tongue, I still remember this devine feeling and taste, the taste of my Godess. Then she tried cbt on me,used some fancy nipple clamps with vibration, it was a tremendous sensation. By keeping the ballance between pain and pleasure by changing from cbt to nipple torture she with an equisite perfection managed to keep me at the highest point of pleasure and anticipation throught our session. She controlled my pain and pleasure until the very last moment when she allowed me to exploid and I came as I had never before. "

Moscow, December 2016
published on TER REVIEW

" Domina Karolina is a very attractive lady, with long blond hair and wonderful hands. She has a great body and marvelous feet. And she has a killer smile. She was exactly what I was looking for - someone beautiful who would like hurting me and would do so with a smile on her face. Karolina has a playful sense of humor along with wicked sadism. As for my first session with here, here are the detail. The warm-up consisted of teasing and light strokes with a riding crop, followed by some nipple being squeezed, pressed and bitten. She did all of that so deliciously that I was truly in bdsm nirvana! I worshipped her beautiful body and adorable feet. After that she concentrated on CBT, when my cock and balls were tied and teased mercilessly. We finished with a heavy leather strap. She wore a military hat with a corset and a fishnet and looked awesome . She was the first mistress who had pushed my limits this much, and broadened my horizons. She got to know my masochist side even better that I knew it myself. She speaks good English and was good at making me understand what she wanted me to live with her. We also had a chat before the session start and discussed the dos and donts and some details. It was a great time and a wonderful session which I enjoyed, the right balance of pain and pleasure. It took my stress away and made me feel relief. Mistress Karolina is a wonderful dominatrix."

Moscow, March 2016
published on Mistress Review

" We spend a weekend together in Moscow which was a wonderful and memorable experience for me. Daytime she was like a beautiful professional lady, intelligent, amusing, interesting and with great integrity. She told me about Moscow sights and I asked her to took me to the Tretyakov Gallery and several museums which she didn’t mind at all. In the evening she turned into a splendid Mistress, alluring smile, leather outfit, high heels, stockings. She is tall, slim and beautiful, just my type of a woman . She has the right attitude, before the session listened to me carefully and added her ideas to the plot. I asked her not to be hard. You can tell she is very experienced. She did everything just right. Our session was about strapon sex with a cross dressing role play, where she helped me to transform into a female. She put on me the woman’s clothes , some make up and a wig, made me feel her slutty girlfriend to the plot of our game. She is excellent with the strapon and has lots of sizes­, we mixed it with foot licking and bondage. When I didn’t do a good job, she threatened me with slapping and golden shower. I tried them all. She knows what she is doing as she has a steady hand and a sharp eye, and it makes you feel safe with her. After the session she asked for t he feedback about my feelings, which was quite nice of her. I would definitely recommend a session with Mistress Karolina for her psychology skills, beautiful ass, trained fit body and her strict confident although friendly behavior."

Moscow, December 2016
published on MaxFishDominaGuide

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