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Some Interesting Facts from the Histroy.

Though BDSM is considered to be an innovative trend in sex and has been flourished since 90-x, it roots back to the Ancient Times. Scattered ancient evidence of the existence of this type of sexual relations are found here and around the world. They reflect the human instincts and once again underlines the psychological component of this process. Murals depicting violence during the intercourse were found in Tuscany. They were found in the depths of the Entruscan tombs, the image is clearly visible and show two women beating a man during sexual scenes. The Indian book of love Kama Sutra is also full of texts with BDSM overtones. It is said there that during the intercourse strikes are welcome , and this is an excellent remedy for a bad mood and can be an emotional discharge of the partners. Medieval Europe already gives the most accurate and precise idea of the BDSM culture. At those times medicine and art started to study the nature of the body and of sex, sexual response and their relationships in the psychological direction. There was no generalized understanding of BDSM, but there were such conceptions already: sadism and masochism. Sadism got its name after a series of works of the Marquis de Sade, known for his cruelty of a sexual nature.
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