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Bdsm, like any culture, implies the existence of a special fashion and devices, which are used by the supporters of this sexual subculture. It would seem that sex is a purely a matter of imagination, but in the case of BDSM, there are some special things with which the practices will be available. First of all it’s in the clothing. The most common material for clothing and decoration are steel, leather, latex. In general one can say that any brutal materials are suitable for use. Nevertheless the BDSM clothes doesn’t have clear and limited borders, the main thing is in the action. As for Accessories, then the list includes masks, handcuffs, chains, collars. The true fans of BDSM aquire various items of jewelry with the image of triskele, the ancient sign, which is positioned as a symbol of this sexual culture. As for the attributes, here belong such things as whips, canes and other objects that can have a physical impact on the body of the partner. It can also be a gag, blindfolds, clamps etc.
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