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Some Interesting Facts from the Histroy.

Sacher-Masoch described himself as a man who was waiting from the woman edifying relations in sex and ready to be actually her salve. Of course the description of both of these trends is primitive and far from todays’s view of BDSM, also there were no “stop-words” and they are full of extremes and outcomes not pleasant for their participants. In the 20th century the art of BDSM was revealed to the world by the American Irving Klaw. His authorship belongs to a series of photo shoots in the style, and the creation of comics and shooting the first erotic movie about BDSM. Subsequently there have come many Bdsm organizations and societies. The representatives of non-traditional sexual orientations were the first ones to praise the BDSM, but the idea was quickly picked up by heterosexuals. The Internet had the grates impact on the spread of this culture. With it this type of sexual relationship was learnt by the whole planet.

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